MUST Vice Chancellor Address Malata (L) and Acting Executive Secretary for UNESCO Emmanuel Kondowe (R).MUST Vice Chancellor Address Malata (L) and Acting Executive Secretary for UNESCO Emmanuel Kondowe (R).The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) aimed at promoting the country’s economic development through culture and heritage.

Through the MOU, UNESCO and the Bingu School of Culture and Heritage which is running Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices and Bachelor of Arts in Sports Sciences, will establish a culture, academic and educational cooperation and work together on a range of cultural and educational activities.

Furthermore, UNESCO will offer internship opportunities to students under the two programmes, help in resource and equipment mobilization besides providing technical support towards, training research and dissemination works

During the ceremony UNESCO also donated 5million kwacha to be used for scholarships under the programme.

The Commission, in collaboration with Foundation for Arts and Culture developed a database in cultural industries in Malawi which has provided a platform for networking among industry players as well as making data on the sector readily available to the public, revealing the potential and actual contribution of the sector to development. The database can be accessed on http// It contains information on:
Performing Arts: Music; Theatre; Dance; Poetry; Venues; Events and Festivals
Visual Arts: Fine Arts; Photography; Crafts
Publishing: Books; Newspapers; Libraries; Other printed material
Audio-Visual and interactive media: Film; Broadcasting
Heritage: Cultural Heritage; Natural Heritage; Cultural Administration; Map of Languages in Malawi by Centre for Language Studies; Recreation
Design and Creative Services: Fashion Designers; Graphic Designers; Interior Designers; Landscape Designers; Architectural Designers; Advertising Service

Through a grant from the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD), the Film Association of Malawi developed a strategy for the development of the film industry in Malawi which was launched by the Minister responsible for Communication at a press conference.

In 2014 Malawi National Commission for UNESCO organised a two day roundtable conference from 10th to 11th May, 2014 in Blantyre gathering at least 50 professionals and experts, along with representatives of government to analyse recommendations for a national film strategy and an investment plan for the film industry in Malawi. The participants included writers, film directors, producers, actors, actresses, bankers, journalists, musicians, dramatists, academicians and consumers of film and audiovisual products. The conference established a network of representatives from public institutions, civil society and cultural operators working in the audiovisual industry.