Mwera Community Learning Centre membersMwera Community Learning Centre members

Mwera Bridge Project Community Learning Centre acts as a hub of community led education development activities. The Project was introduced to the area through Kumbira Tithandizane Association. Mwera Community Learning Centre is situated in Group Village Head Mwera’s village in Traditional Authority (T/A) Malili’s area in Lilongwe. The centre serves 13 villages. It began its activities in 2014 with an adult literacy programme based on the needs expressed by the community members. The Bridge Project has incorporated other existing initiatives at the centre such as a nursery school which was introduced and supported in the past by other development partners (i.e. UNICEF, Action Aid and World Vision International). Children attending early childhood development class are provided with morning porridge. The provision of this porridge has increased the attendance in the early childhood class from 40 to 120 children.

At present, there is a proposal to construct a cafeteria at the centre with funding support from the Korea National Commission raised from Hyundai Corporation. Currently, meals are prepared in a tiny kitchen of 10m by 2m space, making it difficult for hygienic, flexible and comfortable food preparation. The dishes are also kept in a small storage which does not have cupboards or shelves. The dishes are exposed to dust and flies which threatens the health of the children and everyone including the visitors who eat the food prepared at the centre.