In today’s highly competitive sporting environment, athletes and athlete support personnel are under increasing pressure to do whatever it takes to win. As a result, the use of performance enhancing substances and methods in sport is becoming more pervasive. This phenomenon is not limited to elite athletes; young people and amateur sports enthusiasts too are being drawn into doping. Doping jeopardizes the moral and ethical basis of sport and the health of those involved in it.

UNESCO is actively involved in the anti-doping fight because of its desire to preserve fair and equitable sport and to protect young people involved in sport.
MNCU has championed the establishment of Malawi Anti-Doping Organisation (MADO) in collaboration with the Department of Sports, Malawi Olympic Committee, National Council of Sports and the various sports associations. MADO is currently operating from the Kamuzu Institute for Youth in Kawale in Lilongwe. The current Chairperson of the MADO is James Mwenda (jamesmwenda(at)